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A2 (Netherlands)

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* Entrance 51. Meerssen. Impossible to hitch south, as the entrance lane is only to the north. ''Rating: mission impossible''
* Entrance 55. Randwyck. ''Rating: bad/average''
* Entrance 57. Oost-Maarland. There is no access lane to the south. ''Rating: mission impossible''
===Hitchhiking A2 [[Maastricht]] direction [[Amsterdam]] using service areas===
* Parking area "Zwartehof" between exits 20 and 19. Please avoid this one, just a couple of kilometers before the next great petrol station. Few people stop here, it is usually rather noisy and windy (though the views over the river are nice), and there seem some shady activities to be going on. And you may smell piss or so, because there is no toilet there. ''Rating: bad''
* Petrol station "De Lucht-Oost" between exits 18 and 17. Huge petrol station with a long history. One of the buildings dates back to the 1950s, and the area has been used as a stopover for travellers for over a hundred years. This service area may be considered the most important one between the south and the west of the Netherlands. However, Fverhart had a hard time when he tried to find a ride towards Den Haag or Rotterdam here; Utrecht or Amsterdam are definitely easier. ''Rating: great''
* Petrol station "Lingehorst" between exits 14 and 13. Quite big petrol station. Last petrol station before the junction with the A27 towards Lelystad and Zwolle. ''Rating: average/good''PM* Petrol station "Nieuwegein" between exits 10 and 9. Rather small petrol station without parking area, and perhaps quite a lot of intralocal traffic. Last petrol station before the junction with the A12 towards Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden. ''Rating: average''* Petrol station "Ruwiel" between exits 5 and 4. Quite big petrol station. Finding a ride into the city of Amsterdam should be easy here. Last petrol station before the junction with the A9 towards Haarlem, Alkmaar. Finding a ride from here onto the A8 (direction Hoorn, afsluitdijk) should be rather tough. Access lanes S103, S102 and S101 on the A10-west ring around Amsterdam are possible ramps to hitch in this direction. ''Rating: average/good''
===Hitchhiking A2 [[Maastricht]] direction [[Amsterdam]] using ramps===
PM* Entrance 58. Eijsden. There is no access lane to the north. ''Rating: mission impossibleaverage''* Entrance 57. Easy to get to nearby Maastricht, otherwise rather hike back to the petrol station 2 km south. ''Rating: average''* Entrance 55. Easy to get to nearby Maastricht. Roosteren. ''Rating: average''* Entrance 51. There is NO safe space to stop, and the situation is rather chaotic. Walk back to the nearby motorway petrol station, 1 km back down the road. Urmond ''Rating: bad''* Entrance 50. Maastricht-Aachen Airport. Ramp with a lot of space to stop. Perhaps pretty good towards Eindhoven. ''Rating: average/good''* Entrance 49. Elsloo. There is space to stop. ''Rating: average''* Entrance 47. Urmond. There is space to stop and quite some traffic. Perhaps good to Eindhoven. ''Rating: average/good''* Entrance 41. Grathem. There is space to stop. You are not very well visible because of nearby trees, and not so much traffic heading north on this important junction, ''Rating: average''* Entrance 39. Nederweert. A lot of space to stop and a lot of cars. ''Rating: average/good''* Entrance 33. Waalre. Good onramp towards 's-Hertogenbosch or Antwerp. However, currently reconstructed. Also quite easy to ask drivers coming from the south at the traffic lights (other side of the bridge). Best onramp to change cars if driving stays in Eindhoven, when coming from the Maastricht. ''Rating: average/good''* Entrance 31. Veldhoven. There is space to stop and a lot of cars. ''Rating: average/good''* Entrance 26. Boxtel. There is space to stop, but not a lot of traffic. Easy to get to 's-Hertogenbosch from here. ''Rating: average''* Entrance 24. Vught. There is space to stop and easy for cars to stop. ''Rating: average''* Entrance 20. Rosmalen. There is space to stop and a lot of traffic. This is perhaps the best ramp of the city when heading for Utrecht or Amsterdam. ''Rating: average/good''* Entrance 19. Kerkdriel. There is space to stop, but on this rural place expect a longer wait. Every car can take you to the next great petrol station. ''Rating: quite bad''Enough space to stand, easy to stop. Quite good point to leave Zaltbommel. ''Rating: average''* Entrance 8. Utrecht. There is no space where cars can stop beside the road. If there is little traffic the cars drive too fast. If there is a lot of traffic you may ask for a ride at the traffic light in front of the ramp. If there is little traffic it would be better to cross this square (using the small side bridge) and ask at the traffic lights on the westside of the motorway. ''Rating: quite bad/average''* Entrance 7. Oog in Al. This access lane has good space to stop, and even a bus stop on the ramp. Easy one to get to Amsterdam. ''Rating: average''* Entrance 3. Abcoude. Dangerous! ''Rating: bad''
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