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: Hm, don't think I'm feeling sorry. Hitchwiki is not always telling the truth. Besides that, after all one of the reasons to hitchhike is adventure and to experience things in a different (non-touristic, alternative) way. You do not know the truth before you experience something. And you cannot know everything by reading the web... Every place and country has its own habits, culture... And, like it was put in the Autostopguide to Europe, if you travel to eastern Europe, and the more in former USSR, you will ALWAYS be considered rich if you are from the west of Europe... I'm feeling some truth in countries like Poland or Czech Republic ~ the further east, the stronger it will be. Try hitching in Kazachstan, and probably people think you are a millionaire, just because you are French! --[[User:Fverhart|Fverhart]] 12:35, 26 August 2007 (CEST)
: I agree about what you say, but the web at least can let you know about experiences
of other poeples
and i just write here my own experience.....
About hh in Ukraine, it was not a question of i'm from west and ppl think i'm rich, beacause most of the time it's my girl friend who was
asking drivers, she is Latvian and speak perfect russian and if she don't tell from where she
is they consider she is local as in Ukraine russian are the biggest minorities....We met other hitchhikers there, Ukrainians, Latvians and Belarussians, it was the same for them, it same if you hitchhike long distance on main national road you get lift for free from trucks, but on local roads mostly everyone ask you money. that just my experience, maybe its diferent for other peoples.
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