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[[Image:Imgp6041{{infobox Country|country = Wales|map = <map lat='52.450' lng='-3.jpg|80' zoom='7' view='0' float='right' height='350' width='300'/>|thumb|334pxlanguage = English, Welsh|capital = [[User:Mzenzes|MartinCardiff]] hitchhiking in |pop = 3,004,600|currency = Pound Sterling (GBP £)|hitch = from {{good}} to {{very good}} }}'''Wales.''' (Welsh: Cymru) is a country that is part of the [[United Kingdom]].
Hitchhiking in '''Wales''' is part fun! People are very willing to help and will often take you to your destination, or at least closer to it, even when it's not on their way. Waiting speeds vary, but generally speaking hitchhiking is quite fast, unless you're in the extreme situation of the [[United Kingdom]]either trying to leave a city or hitching on a very remote road with few cars.
Hitchhiking There are not many motorways, but the A-roads are almost the same, except that they are interrupted by roundabouts in Wales is fun! You wonevery town. This can make perfect places for hitchhiking for you, although it doesn't be very fasthave to, but people as hard shoulders aren't too popular in Wales - aim for bus stops. Though signs are not very friendlynecessary outside urban areas, even the ones who don't pick you up will likely they can sometimes help to make positive gesturespeople more inclined to stop.
There are not many motorwaysWales is an important through route from Ireland to England, as two major ferry lines use Welsh harbours. The southern line (Rosslare to Fishguard and Pembroke) is mainly used for traffic going towards [[Cardiff]], [[Swansea]] and the South of England, although there is the odd car going to North Wales or [[Liverpool]]/[[Manchester]]. Try your luck and ask around. For North Wales and Liverpool/Manchester, but the Asecond line is more promising, though -roads are almost the sameone from Dublin to Holyhead. Neither of these lines is hitchable, except that they prices for a single foot passenger are interrupted by roundabouts in every town. This makes perfect places for hitchhiking currently around 33€ (for youRosslare to Fishguard on Stena Lines).
===Welsh pronunciation guide=== Though for some Welsh people, especially in the North West, Welsh is the first language, everyone you meet will speak English. Even so, some knowledge about Welsh pronunciation can help, since some places only have Welsh names. Others will have an English name and a completely different Welsh name (e.g English - [[Abergavenny]], Welsh - Y Fenni) - both will be written, so you can just use the English one. ''ll'' (double L) - sounds like a hissed "tl" "w" - this is a vowel in Welsh! Something between ''o'' and ''u'' ''c'' - always ''k'' (not ''s'') ''f'' - sounds like ''v'' (''ff'' is an ''f'') ''dd'' - sounds like ''th'' in "the" ''u'' - sounds like ''i'' in ''hitch'' === Cities ===* [[Cardiff]]* [[Swansea]] <gallery>File:Imgp6041.jpg|[[User:Mzenzes|Martin]] hitchhiking in Wales.File:Carl Nai Maroc.jpg|[[CategoryUser:Carl|Carl]] & Naomi hitching out of Cardiff.</gallery>[[trash:Wales]]{{UK constituent countries}}{{IsIn|United Kingdom}}[[Category:Wales| ]][[Category:WalesNorthern Europe]]

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