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Internet cafés are rare and will be only existing in main urban and touristic centre. They are usually not used by locals, so it is possible that nobody knows if there is one in the surrounding. In rural areas, Internet might not even exists or be limited to dial-up only. Colleges and Universities are usually providing huge computer classes for their students but those are only accessible with username and password, it might be worth to ask though.
== Winter Hitch-hiking ==
With temperature often dropping beneath -30 Celsius, you should not stand outside more than 15 minutes, wear the appropriate gear and make sure that you are never being stuck anywhere.
The majority of the roads will be slippery, icy or narrowed by the snowbank. So it will often be impossible for cars to stop by and pull over safely and they won't do it if they can't as the risk of causing an accident might too high and the driver would have to bear entire responsability of it towards his insurance.
On another hand, every citizen should be bound by law to provide help and safety to every citizen in needs by the hazard of temperature and nature. The reaction towards that will often differ, going from immediate support to a 'where have you left your brain... being out by this weather'. It is true that it will be perceived as quite stupid and irresponsible to have dared outside without all the effective preparation by such weather, locals way prefer to enjoy the cosiness of their home by such extreme temperature.
Although and for that reason, no shops, restaurants or gas stations would be allowed to kick you out of their property. Either no car should be allowed to ignore you if the needs is there. This would usually be the case in rural areas while people in urban areas might simply think, someone else can do it. If you feel your life threatened by the hazard of nature, you are allowed to do anything possible to get help by the surrounding. Which would include entering a house, 'stopping' a car or denouncing to the authorities any refusal for help. This does not mean ''abuse'' and, is to be use logically and tactfully. Bear in mind that if you attempt such behaviour, an investigation might be done afterwhile to verify if you didn't put yourself at risk at your own will and full knowledge of the consequences! Which situation you are, by law, not allowed to find yourself into!

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