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** Option 1: Go to last Metro Station (Plac Wilsona) or to the final tram stop of Tram 15 and take bus '''L''' towards Łomianki (private line; [ timetable]). Get off at the stop called Woycickiego (you should press the bell as the bus doesn't always stop there; the list of bus stops is within the bus itself and all bus stops are visibly marked). This is a perfect place to hitch-hike northwards, there is a lot of space for cars to stop. For Toruń, leave the road at Płock.
** Option 2: Go to the Metro station Plac Wilsona and take bus '''181''' towards ''Cmentarz Północny''. Get off at the stop called Dzierzoniowska and from there you'll see the main road leading northwards. The road is fairly straight and has plenty of good spots to hitch-hike. An additional pro is a McDonald's eatery located nearby with a toilet free of charge.
For Bydgoszcz and Toruń leave the road at Płońsk and take the national No. '''10'''. For Olsztyn - ask the driver (plenty of options, no main road)
[[Image:Warsaw-poznan.JPG|right|thumb|234px|Hitching place to [[Poznan]] and [[Germany]]]]

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