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Finding accommodation

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You can bring your tent and sleeping bag and you'll basically be free to sleep anywhere. Beware that in most countries it's not legal to put up your tent anywhere. It is generally legal in [[Scandinavia]], [[Finland]], [[Scotland]] and [[Ireland]], though. Legal or not, camping wild needs not to disturb other people. Putting up your tent in a discrete place at or after dawn, breaking up before people will notice and not letting garbage or fire places behind there are general recommendations to stay overnight in situations where camping wild is not officially allowed.
Alternatively, go to a house with a garden and ask if you can camp there.
Quite often there are attractive spots for camping wild near motorway petrol stations. If the noise is disturbing you can take ear plugs along. Even in highly urbanised countries like the Netherlands camping wild is still possible; for example if you hitchhike out of [[Amsterdam]] in the evening you can go just to service area Haarrijn, situated along the A2 motorway between [[Amsterdam]] and [[Utrecht]]. The area is vast and putting up a tent at dawn at the other end of the area will not draw attention, while the spot is scenic (and very "Dutch" with fields, cows and water around).
DigiHitch has an [ article] on sleeping near the highway (not necessarily with a tent).
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