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North towards Jujuy
=== North towards [[Jujuy]] ===
There are two main roads to go north. Ruta 34 (passing by General Guemes) has high transit and although longer (124 km) it will be probably faster. The other, Ruta 9, is more touristic. It runs through a beautiful scenery, but to cover the 90 km you have to relay on other tourists on car. To try out the latter route get the bus #6C to Vaqueros (10 pesos, as of 2018) or #6 to La Caldera (15 pesos).
From Ruta 34 you can go also in south direction to Tucumán or Santiago del Estero. Take a bus t oexit the city, ticket September 2022 is 51 pesos.
== Other useful info ==

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