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Personal Experiences
== Personal Experiences ==
Pls add info''Summer 2018 & 2022: It's good hitchhiking experience but sometimes you need to wait a bit (15min to 90min). In 2018 hitchhiking was not hard as it still in 2022. Polish style of driving is somewhere near "respectable citizen" and "crazy driver". So, basically they don't brake the law (stop in the forbidden area) but they can do it if needed. The only problem are autobahns which are not "hitchhiker friendly", it's hard to get there and hard to find a car stopping there. In the autobahn (on the good spot) I was waiting nearly 2h and no one stoped due to a too big traffic. They have good gas stations, where you can almost take an "small improvised shower". Two times I was picked up by one driver who called his friend to get me further, so the "local radio" is working well.'' --[[User:HHer-Vert|HHer-Vert]]
== Nomadwiki & Trashwiki ==

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