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Wrote the skeleton for the different proposals (I know I'm a bit lazy :)
'''For current information regarding the gathering join and contact: [ mailing-list] and [ Signal-group]'''
<small>The overview over the other location proposals and all the info pertaining to the decision-making process can be found at [[Hitchgathering/2021/Archive]]. The final information regarding the summer 2021 Hitchgatherings has been moved to [[Hitchgathering/2021/Archive/Summer]]. '''Up to date information for gathering in 2021 is here.'''</small>
We want to have a nice winter gathering this year! Here is a list of the different proposals there are. [[User:Swaden]] was thinking it would be nice to have a (pre-)gathering in Western/Central Europe and another one in Norway for those who can. People could meet at the primer to go to the later together or to stay if they want to.
== Date ==
If everyone is fine with that, dates are set as similarly to the other years. This means with '''pre-gatherings from the 23th December 2021''' and '''the main gathering(s) happening from the 30th December 2021 with the end being between the 6th and 13th of January'''. Dates are set only to have a common idea of beginning and ending but are certainly not strict.
== Locations ==
=== Germany ===
Tob. mentioned a spot in the Signal group, he's invited to add more here or to remove this part :).
=== Nordkapp (Cape North) ===
A few people already had gatherings there. [[User:Swaden]] is messaging them and will add information on infrastructure once he know more. Anyone is also invited to add anything they know.
=== Vienna ===
Vienna has been mentioned twice on the Signal group as a possible location.
==== lobau?bleibt! Squatted construction site ====
M. said people there are friendly and might be open for hosting a gathering. Some people might really like it and some people might be more reticent towards the idea of being "hosted" in regard to organization and their experiences of other similar gatherings.
==== n's location ====
n said he could host a few people in Vienna.
=== Jura, Switzerland ===
Plenty of cozy cabins can make up for a ''uncomplicated'', comfy and relaxed gathering as it was the other years.

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