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=== Organizing/Questions ===
A.P. on the mailing list proposed to answer ask questions to locals since someone they know lives nearby. Rom. will be there around mid-July. Also, [[User:Swaden ]] will get there around June 10th to ask questions and possibly bring some stuff.
So list here questions you'd want them to ask/setup :
There will be games, music, dumpsterdiving, occasional skinnydipping. Massage circles and hopefully many, many workshops. Late-night joints and bottles of wine passed around, discussions on how to -- you know...
==== Knot workshop ====
I'll bring some sythetic ropes (also hanf three stranded rope) so we can all study together decorative and useful knots from beginner to more advanced. [[User:Swaden|Swaden]] ([[User talk:Swaden|talk]])
=== COVID-19 testing ===
[[User:Swaden]] will bring around 5 COVID-19 quick tests (they're free in Switzerland) to use in case for more anxious/at-risk people or if someone starts having symptoms.
== Pre or post gatherings ==

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