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* Possible evacuation by police, it already happened once in October.
* Some people expressed concerns about politicising the gathering too much, would this apply to holding it AT a ZAD?
==== La Framondié ====
(C., Mailing List) The spot is here: I've not been there myself, but people I know well and trust, and I've heard great things about the place. It's a large area of forest in one of the least densely populated parts of France, and there's a collective of about 8-12 people living there. They do gardening and steward the forest, and for the future they are quite interested in offering more activities, camps for children, etc., so we might kind of be their guinea pigs :-)
As far as other orga things are concerned... I asked about ~50 people for ~2 weeks. If 100 people suddenly show up, I think it would be an issue. Camping would happen in a somewhat dispersed way -- to have a central camp and then camp in the forest around where you can find the space. There land is generally steep, but there are ancient terraces, and it's also possible to shape the terrain with a shovel to make it more amenable for camping. And of course hammocks will* rule supreme :D There is plenty of firewood, plenty of wood for constructions, drinking water too. If we want to use their electricity and electrical amenities, we would probably donate some money; the same is also true for tools (saws, axes, shovels) -- we could decide if we want to bring some or perhaps they will also get some more tools for their future activities and we could support their purchase.
===== Pros =====
* Swimming! 20 minutes walking from the Tarn, a gorgeous swimmable river. There are also apparently waterfalls on the land that one can swim at.
* Gorgeous place, legal camping, cool people.
* The people living there are not at all worried about us bringing them Covid, or anything in regards to that.
* Of course transphobia exists in France, but probably not more than in most places.
===== Cons =====
* There isn't really any space there to park cars if anybody wants to bring one. (But after all, it's the hitchgathering... right?^^)
* Since it's a remote region, dumpsters are not very close.
* They have quite a few dogs there already, so while not saying that no dogs should come, they were a bit scared by the thought that we 'are like them and 50 people would come with 50 dogs'.
=== Scandinavia ===

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