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===== Cons =====
* no fresh water source on the island (water has boat traffic and is running along several cities, -> polluted)
* no toilet on the island
* no permission; the lake is connected to a river and several other lakes, waterpolice might be active
* boat traffic (boat trips go along north and south of the island), depending on corona rules (risk of being spotted)
* on an island in a lake , actually 120 meters to the closest shore. We must find/build/borrow a canoe or raft so we can arrange transport of food, gear and people.
* not super inclusive for people with disabilities
* [[Hitchhiking_and_Corona#Germany |Corona rules in Germany]] (2.5.21) require testing and its Covid restrictionsquarantine for pretty much everyone entering Germany, might be some trouble to hitchhikecurfews, or enter the country (however to me entering was never a problem when I said I was only in transit)* no permission, what are the risks? Some people call for a stable location for the main gathering since past wild camping and ban gatherings even in pre> 2-covid times caused difficulties of moving on the fly5 ppl
=== Poland ===

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