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--- Thats wanst me who put a Cebu as linked city in !!!! For trashwiki its a bit fun but for nomadwiki may work well. Hostels now gets expensive in Asia, doorms may cost min 1O$. So if i see people traveling around the world without money why not to help them? --- dxc
--- Yes user dxc removed text like this from page Barcelona page and i hope hitchwiki page isnt mentally ill homelesss criminal junkies page!!!!!!! **Banks which have ATM lobbies are great for sleeping rough in the centre of Barcelona. You will usually find other homeless people/ travellers/ junkies sleeping there too. You need to swipe the bank card to open the door but you can wait for someone going in to take money out, or tap on the window if there is someone already there, to let you in.* --- dxc

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