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The Golan Heights

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From the Golan the first goal to reach is the Tsemach Junction, which is situated at the bottom tip of the Kinneret. From a local junction, make your way to preferabley Highway 98 and head south, but depending where you are, Highway 92 also leads to the Tsemach Junction. If you happen to be in the upper eastern part of the Golan, Highway 90 east of the Kinneret will also do, but will be much more difficult, because many people stop in Tiberias, which is a relatively large city, and will possibly require leaving a the city, wich can be rather difficult.
After the Tsemach Junction your next goal is the Beit ha-Arava 'arava Junction which is reached by continuing south on Highway 90. From there, you can either chose to go to Jerusalem, or continue on to either the Dead Sea or Eilat. On the way to Beit HaAravaHa'arava, a common location for drivers is Beit She'an which is also a location that many people hitchike hitchhike from. ===To Tiberias===There are two ways of getting to Tiberias, either going around the top of the Kinneret, or its bottom. Depending on where you are, you will have to decide which is more convenient for you. Going around the bottom is usually the easiest and simplest way, but there obviously places where going over the top just makes more sense. To go around the bottom, your first goal is the Tsemach Junction at the bottom tip of the Kinneret. There are three ways of getting there: a) Taking Highway 98, which runs along the eastern border of Israel, southward down from the Golan. b) Taking Highway 92, which runs along the eastern bank of the Kinneret. c)Take Highway 98 to Route 789, which runs by such towns as Afik, Ne'ot Golan, Bnei Yehuda, and Giv'at Yoav, to Highway 92 and then southward. Many drivers tend to take option "c" and is usually a good choice.In terms of going over the top of the Kinneret there are also two options: a)taking Highway 91 to Highway 90 and the head southward, or take Highway 87 to Highway 90 and head southward.
=== Continuing to Jerusalem===
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