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== Removing content ==
Hey, I noticed you removed a lot of content from pages. What is the rationale of this? Where is it decided that the information is useless? -- [[User:Platschi|Platschi]] ([[User talk:Platschi|talk]]) 17:21, 9 February 2021 (CET)
--- Hello im trying to remove not to Hitchiking related stuff, things you can find in Google/Wikitravel and also a Number Plates (thats not a useful way to search a rides). Also users opinion - Cant get ride in 3 hours isnt very helpful (lot of people struggles time to time, there was times when i had to hichike few days in one place, also few dayus days in one place withou without sucess). And fhen When '''IN HURRY ON THE ROAD''' you need to find a CORRECT information on geting getting to your destination place and you dont want to read alot of / trust MAYBE inaccurate user feedbacks? If you think that i removed something ''SOMETHING'' important you can bring it back/ let me know. - [[User:dxc|dxc]] Hey dxc, I'm really happy with the work you're doing on Hitchwiki. Although, I strongly disagree with the blanking of pages you started doing ([ like here]). It's important to leave these so if a user sees a town with no information, he or she can quickly add some! Can you please bring them back. Thanks for the categorization you're doing though. Also, I hope that when you're removing content [ like here], you actually take the time to add it on NomadWiki or Trashwiki. It's essential to not lose information that can be useful (we had a [ discussion] on the mailing list. Same goes with users opinions. They should be moved to talk pages but not removed imo! You're losing a lot of content here. Once again: removing is not something that should be done lightly. Information that might not be worth for you might be important to someone else. Don't hesitate to add though. --[[User:Swaden|Swaden]] ([[User talk:Swaden|talk]]) 12:44, 18 February 2021 (CET) --- Sorry about some wrong blankings. I just want to clarify that finding a wifi spot is something same hard as finding a supermarket. And '''im not removing user opinion - what im doing is integration them by updating hitchiking places based on user opinions'''. Do you agree that user opinions from year 2O13 ar 2O14 may be long time outdated - where is logic to keep them??? Also a Good Maps gives option to find a better hitchiking places - where is point to not update existing things - for example we have a bus stop as hitchiking place but if you reserach a place in Google Maps than you find that next bus stop has better option for driver to stop after the bus stop.... - [[User:dxc|dxc]] :Hey DXC, I agree with all the other people. Please stop removing so much information from the pages! If it's a concern for you to make sure important information can be found easily, how about you rearrange the pages so that important info is on the top and less important info is more towards the bottom? I think even older experiences can be nice to keep, just to show to people that others have been here before them, others with names and stories and that the place has a travel history. Thank you!!--[[User:Zenit|Zenit]] ([[User talk:Zenit|talk]]) 00:07, 29 April 2021 (CEST) I come here to add to the idea that it would be better to make summaries or put the essential things on top but not to remove other userful information. I understand that some things might be rightly deleted (such as very old information that is clearly outdated), but in the case of the moscow article (to take an example) I see no good reason to remove entries on wifi access, plugs and why not waste your time walking to the university when you're not gonna be allowed in it. this are 3 essential items I consider to have equal value to info on hitching out or into that city. I know theres lengthy articles on trashwiki / nomadwiki and that theres other ways to get that info, but theres no real reason not to have it at the bottom of HW articles. Its my belief that information on where to sleep, get food, charge devices and go online is practically every hitchikers necessity when on the road so why remove it?. Also, there was a discussion on the mailing list where some of us talked about merging trashwiki/nomadwiki and the likes into this site since it seems like its the only one thats being kept running by a large community and updated regularly and that since they all cater to the same users with all those needs usually colliding at the same time, then why having to visit 3 sites when you could have them all (or atleast the most essential information) on this site. Anyhow, I think it would be good for you to join the mailing list and come and talk about this further so we can all come to some sort of agreement. Thanks for your work anyways! --[[User:Warlo|Warlo]] ([[User talk:Warlo|talk]]) 01:43, 29 April 2021 (CEST) I took away your admin rights. Stop removing useful information. And it will be great if someone (ideally Dxc themselves) goes over all the edits and reverts the edits that have removed information that most hitchhikers deem to be useful or informational. If you continue deleting stuff like you have in the past I will block you. [[User:Guaka|guaka]] ([[User talk:Guaka|talk]]) 10:39, 30 April 2021 (CEST) === Reverting the deletions ===It looks like the deletions started a long time ago but until a year ago it was only a couple of pages. Here in chunks of 500 edits: ''See [[Hitchwiki:Dxc_deletions]]'' Adding stubs for places with no information is a bit of a weird twist as well, I'm not sure if we need pages like [[Cebu]]. It was good to have placeholders for countries, but for cities it makes more sense to add these to the country page. [[User:Guaka|guaka]] ([[User talk:Guaka|talk]]) 12:26, 30 April 2021 (CEST) == --- Thats wanst me who put a Cebu as linked city in !!!! For trashwiki its a bit fun but for nomadwiki may work well. Hostels now gets expensive in Asia, doorms may cost min 1O$. So if i see people traveling around the world without money why not to help them? --- dxc --- Yes user dxc removed text like this from page Barcelona page and i hope hitchwiki page isnt mentally ill homelesss criminal junkies page!!!!!!! **Banks which have ATM lobbies are great for sleeping rough in the centre of Barcelona. You will usually find other homeless people/ travellers/ junkies sleeping there too. You need to swipe the bank card to open the door but you can wait for someone going in to take money out, or tap on the window if there is someone already there, to let you in.* --- dxc

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