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Dominican Republic

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Boat hitchhiking: boat hitchhiking on the north coast
The right port in La Romana is, if you go from the Jumbo Supermarket (kind of a cultural centre for this city..) across the river. If you stand on the end of the bridge, you can see the sailing ships already under and left of you, now you just have to find the way down there (it´s a bit longer than it seems).
On the north coast, the sailing hubs are the Puerto Plata area (especially Luperon Harbor) and Samaná (Santa Barbara de Samaná). Luperon/Puerto Plata is where you'll find boats going to/from the Bahamas, and Samaná is a common stop coming to/from Puerto Rico. But the north coast has rougher seas and not many sheltered anchorages in general, so you won't get lots of sailing boats taking leisurely sails from town to town like in some parts of the Caribbean.
Ask for "el puerto/la marina de veleros (=sailing boats)".
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