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On the stations with electronic gates, the best options is to wait for somebody to pass through a gate with a ticket, and walk directly behind them. This way you can across the gate. Sometimes, if you don do it quickly enough, a short buzzing alarm might activate, but this is largely ignored.
== Blackriding long distance trains==
On train station Barcelona Sants, where most of the long distances trains leave. You need to go threw a control similar like on airports. They check your ticket, they scan your luggage, you even need to put down jacket to go thre scanner. This makes it nearly impossible to get in long distance trains without ticket. The gates for short distance trains are separated so you can't just buy few euro ticket to village near by. To get to the platforms of long distanes trains you would need a ticket at least to Girona or Taragona or something. When you come blackriding TGV from france you need to go out from the platform and then you would need again to go threw the stupid control to get next train so it doesn' t help you anyhow. At least leaving from the TGV is no problem as there are no gates on the exit.
== Staying in Barcelona ==
Free showers at beach with cold water :)
Food '''Parròquia de Sant Agusti''' (Carrer de l'Arc de Sant Agustí, metro Liceu) healty food each day except thursday at 10:15. Come half hour earlier to pick up number. Except poor and sketchy people here.
Free hot shower and clothes Carrer de Marie Curie 22 (metro Lluckmajor ) or Av. Meridiana 197 (metro Navas)
'''Ciutadella park''' is closed at night, but may be accessed by the entrance facing the Arc de Triomf. The bars of the fence near the gate are wide enough to slip through if you're not very big. You're unlikely to be disturbed during the night but the Police might wake you up after 8am and ask you to move on. Another user got inside and pitched a tent. It is safer if you are not alone. Lot of criminals and junkies also sleep there dont talk and dont trust anyone. Attach your bag to tree with rope when you sleep.
Small park just '''in front of the Cosmo Caixa''' Museum where you can easy use a tent. By public transport, you can get the L7 to the end ''Av. Tibidabo'', than walk 5 minutes direction top of the hill, turn on the ''Carrer d'Isaac Newton'' just before the bridge on the left and continue. You will find this huge building, with a big submarine in front of it. When you have museum on your back, submarine on your right, there is some [ stairs] in front of you, between entrance of museum and submarine, you will see the main door of this park after few stairs, it might be close if its late, so you can go to the top of this stairs, than jump on the left side, go under the stairs to the other side, and there is the spot. 2 options: (1) near the bench, better for the ground, but you might be visible at the morning, and woke up by a guardian; (2) right after geting out from under the stairs, the ground is shitty, you might need good stake to setup your tent, mostly in windy time, from there, the guy who open the door at the morning, can't see you, and he don't go into the park at all, so you can sleep till late!
Take the metro from "Placa de Catalunya" to '''Canyelles station''', walk about 200 yards uphill from the station and find some nice hills to camp/sleep out/hang a hammock. You can meet wild boars
'''Parc de la Pau''' - small and clean park next to the beatch (15 min from metro to station Besos Mar, next to Dechatlon shop, street Career de la Pau)...
With tent you can try to camp Mountains next to '''Camp De Futbol Canyelles''' (metro Valldaura and next to Institut Escola artístic Oriol Martorel, street Camí Antic de Sant Llàtzer)
=== Sleeping in empty or occupied buildings and rooftops ===
=== Thieves ===
When staying on the beach in Barcelona, you may notice '''thieves'''. They walk around and observe people on the beach for hours before stealing anything. Even though they aren't usually hostile or confrontational, they can steal clothes off your back while you're asleep. The only sure way to keep your things safe is to bury it in the sand and sleep on top of it. Sleeping with your head on your bag is just not enough. These thieves are very professional, and they look for people sleeping rough not just on the beach but in the central districts too.
=== Wild boars ===

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