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Santa Cruz de la Sierra
<map lat="-17.81" lng="-63.15" zoom="10" />
Flag of Bolivia
Province: Andrés Ibáñez
Population: 1,453,549
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Santa Cruz de la Sierra is a city in Bolivia.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Trinidad / East towards Brazil

Collectivos 131 and 61 will take you along Avenida Cotoka, which is full of trucks and petrol stations. Ask to confirm, but I believe that the #104 goes all the way to Peaje Guapilo, which is right on the road out of town, and an excellent spot. The road seperates about 10km beyond Pailon.

Otherwise, since it is fairly cheap, a truffi from the Ex-Terminal in the centre will cost 10B, and go direct to Pailon. Get out as it enters the town, 1 hour, and a good idea.

North towards Montero, West towards Cochabamba, Oruro, La Paz

On the first ring road (Primero Anillo) take the green bus (micro verde) going to ViruViru International Airport. Get off when it exits to the the airport. Stay on the main road (F4) leading towards Montero and start hitching right after the bridge in front of you (17°39′26.51″S 63°09′28.1″W). The first toll booth (peaje) is another 4km down the road. Alternatively you can also get off 4km earlier at the last gas station (ES Bioceánico, 17°41′30.61″S 63°09′32.37″W) on the way out of town that seemed quite frequented by cars and a few trucks when we passed it in the bus. Unlike the local busses (2BS/0,25€), this bus will cost you a little more (6BS/0,75€), but will also bring you well out of central Santa Cruz.

Southwest towards Sucre, Potosí, West towards Samaipata

To get out of central Santa Cruz and to ruta 7, take any bus (micro) going to El Torno. Get off at the toll booth (peaje) right after La Guardia (2,50BS/0,30€) and start hitching.

Places to avoid

Violence is contained in specific barrios, but we aware at night. Central areas are super safe and well policed.

Accommodation and Sleep

Couchsurfing proved a little difficult here, and you can not sleep in the central squares, for that matter, even put your feet up on the benches. The Terminal is safe enough, but closed up at night. Lots of people sleep around there, and there are guards.

Nomadwiki & Trashwiki

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