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<map zoom=5 view=0 lat=-48 lng=-70 float=right width=300 height=600/> Patagonia is a remote, vast region in South America. It is in the southernmost part of the continent, mostly in Argentina and partially in Chile.

Hitchhiking on ruta 40 is difficult south of Perito Moreno, but very much possible in the summer, with proper sun and, especially, wind protection. You'd have to be either crazy or suicidal to try it in the winter. Bring plenty of food and water with you, as waits can be long between cars, but every second or third car will take you. Lots of Chilean truck drivers take this route in summer, and chances are that any ride you catch will take you at least 200-300 kilometers.

This remains one if the most remote places on the planet, and the extraordinary winds make any notion of camping here completely laughable. Recent improvements to the highway mean almost all of ruta 40 is now paved, minus a ~70- kilometer stretch south of gobernador gregores on the way to tres lagos.

There is quite a lot of competition for rides in the area around bariloche, as to be expected, but further south there will be almost nobody else. With adequate preparation and a healthy dose of patience, it can be extremely rewarding to thumb here as the people of Patagonia are truly extraordinary and you will (provided you speak strong Spanish) have some of the best conversations of your life.


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