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<map lat='6.25' lng='-75.57' zoom='11' view='0' country='Colombia' height='300'/>
Flag of Colombia
State: Antioquia
Population: 2,223,078
Licence plate: MEDELLIN
Major roads: 25, 62, 60
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Medellín is a city in Colombia.

The northern neighbourhoods tend to be poorer than the southern ones.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Manizales, Pereira, Armenia, Cali

Take the main metro line A (03/2022: COP 3,000) to the final stop "La Estrella". When leaving the station, take the exit to your right-hand side and ask around for the bus (COP 2,550) going to the "Pan de Azúcar" neighborhood. Ask the bus driver to point you towards the pedestrian bridge ("puente peatonal") crossing the highway going South ("Autopista Sur") . It should also be marked on your map though. On the other side of that bridge you will find a Terpel gas station (06°08′21.98″N 75°37′56.44″W). This is where you can start hitchhiking and asking people for a ride.

North to Cartagena, East to Bucaramanga

Take the metro north to the last station Niquia, just outside is the road towards Cartagena. Walk up the road about 3 kms to the Toll booth ('Peaje') or take a bus/taxi. It's best to ask drivers directly.

There is a little truck stop just before the toll booth: you can ask the guy in the hut if anyone is going your way... but there doesn't seem to be much traffic there.

There is also a gas station on the road between the metro stations Belo and Niquia but it doesn't seem to be very useful.

East/South-East to Bogotá, Rionegro, Guatape

Take the metro north and stop at "Madera" station. Walk South and cross the bridge towards Zamora neighbor. Just after the bridge, there is a petrol station where you can ask rides. You can also walk 500 meters more following the highway to reach a second gaz station. The hitchhiking spot is better from the second one.

South-East to Sonson via Route 56

Take a bus to Avenida Las Palmas. I started in Poblado, which is still in the city but worked fine. From here you can either directly start to hitch hike or take a bus to Las Palmas where you find a Toll booth (Peaje).

Personal Experiences

As the most well-ordered city in the country, the public transit makes it easy to get out of this city. From the last metro station to the north, for example, you can get a city bus to Barbosa, from which the hitch to Bucaramanga can begin! -Chael777
March 2014; the metro line wasn't running all the way South, so I went to Envigado, and began walking from there. Found many petrol stations but proved difficult to get rides. Finally I got to Caldas where truckers got me out of town. In all, it took me about 7 hours to finally get out of the city, but I blame my negative energy on that day" -Lukeyboy95
I hitchhiked from Medellin to Ipiales Colombia in 2015. There has been additional metro stops built, get off at La Estrella and you will be closer to the petrol stations for hitchhiking south to Cali -HoboSpirit
Hitchhiked from Medellin to Pasto in May 2016. From Medellin get a bus (or hitch-hike) to Caldas. Just oustide town you will find a petrol station with lots of trucks (they call it "Mulas") parked there heading to Pasto or Buenaventura. There you get a better chance to get anywhere south - Diastema81

I hitch hiked from Medellin to Argelia. Although there are not a lot of cars, it has been very easy. People are super friendly and open at this area. For this reason there was no need to go to a gas station or toll booth. I just started directly at the highway. Since there are not a lot of cars at the 56 you might have to accept some short rides. -User:Bonaire