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Kirchheim, Hesse
<map lat="50.846966923957" lng="9.5814975499899" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Hesse.png
Population: 3.636
Licence plate: HEF
Major roads: A 4, A 5, A 7
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Kirchheim is a tiny city in Hesse in Germany. It is unlikely that you start hitching here but it is located at a strategic point on a small stretch where the A 4, the A 5 and the A 7 go together and so a good spot for interchange between the three motorways. There is a service station on the motorway directly in Kirchheim but it only serves the northbound direction heading towards Kassel (A7) or Eisenach (A4). It should be easy to catch lifts here in both directions though it is not the biggest station. If coming from the North (or the East), ask your driver to drop you off at the turnoff "Kirchheim" as you can easily walk trough the tunnel to the station and your lift can turn back to the motorway straight after ~200m. If heading South (Frankfurt or Würzburg) you should aim to get to the next service stations directly but asking at the local service station in town or at the Burger King would be an option.