Het Lonnekermeer

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Service station Het Lonnekermeer
in Overijssel at motorway A1
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  • Bentheimer Wald (German border) (in direction Oldenzaal)
<map lat="52.280662281599" lng="6.8528383606951" zoom="16" view="3" float="right" />
highway crossing not available
Facilities: Petrol station, Parking
Hitchability: Verygood.png (very good)

Het Lonnekermeer is a service station along the Dutch motorway A1.

This is the last service station before the German border, making it the perfect place to hitch long rides into Germany and even Poland. For years there was no Raststätte between here and the next 130km, but since May 2014 a new petrol station opened on the location of the former parking place Brockbachtal. This new service station is located just before Osnabrück. It should make hitching a lot easier, since you now only need a 73km ride across the German border.


There are multiple possibilities to get to this service station.


From Hengelo

Take bus 8 or 11 to stop Kleine Driene and walk around 800m north-east to exit 31 Hengelo-Noord. The service station is located between this and the next exit, so every car turning onto the motorway here will pass the service station. Make sure to signal that you just need a short ride.

On foot

  • Option 1:

Again take bus 8 or 11, but now to stop Bovenhoek. Walk along the Noordelijke Esweg in south-eastern direction. Turn left at the roundabout and right at the big crossing. Cross the highway on the overpass and climb down towards the service station.

  • Option 2:

With bus 8 or 11, get out at stop Bruninkshoek (one before Bovenhoek). Walk back the road you came from and turn left onto Hasselerbaan. Go straight on the crossing onto the little parallel road called Pallastweg. Follow this all the way until the big hill pops up. Walk either left or right around it, but don't go over it as you will eventually get stuck in brambles and thorns.

From Enschede

At the end of the Deurningerstraat in Enschede there's space to stop cars going towards Hengelo or Oldenzaal. It's also easy to reach from University Campus. Hitch a ride for approximately 5 km, until you meet the railway. Just 10m behind the railway is a small bay where drivers can drop you off. Now all you have to do is walk up the bridge and find the "secret" path down and you'll find yourself at the end of the service station (in direction Germany).