Hannibal (Missouri)

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<map lat="39.71471859590371" lng="-91.37873604249039" zoom="12" view="0" float="right" /> Hannibal is a decent size town in Missouri that dislikes hitchhikers. The area is filled with whiny old-timers who will call the police on you for camping in their woods or hitchhiking. Although it is a tourist town and things are overpriced, it is at the same time dumpy and impoverished. The most interesting thing about Hannibal is that their library is called the "Hannibal Free Public Library" yet they want to charge people $2 an hour to use their computers.

Hitching out

The Intersection of Highway 61 and 36 is your best place to catch a ride in any direction out of Hannibal. BozoSteve mentioned in the Hitchwiki Chat that an even better place if going north or south is the Ayerco gas station (which has truck pumps too) a few blocks south on 61.


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