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Quarims Gamepack weights only 63g

While hitchhiking it sometimes happen that you have to wait for a longer time. If you are on a road with some traffic you probably won't get bored because you can try to stop vehicles all the time. But sometimes you may have periods where you have to wait without anything to do (for example waiting for or on a ferry, getting stuck at a service station in the night with no more traffic or being in a truck and waiting longer time at the border). This is when some games can shorten your waiting time. Of course you don't want to carry a lot of game equipment with you, but there are tons of games which you can play with nearly no equipment. If you have a pencil, 6 dice and 20 black and 20 white pieces you can play hundreds of games and it weights less than 100 gram. For the pieces you can also collect little stones, seeds or something else. If you need a board, just take the back of your hitchhiking sign or find some other paper and draw your board. In this list are only games for which board creation should not take longer than 10 minutes.

If you are travelling alone just ask other people around you if they want to play with you, usually trucker like to gamble. You can play for money, cigarettes, sweets or just for fun. There are also some games which you can play as a bank with an advantage for you (for example Two-up). If you are charismatic you can make a little money out of your skills but be aware that this can be illegal. Also gambling for fun can be illegal in some countries.

The following list should give an extract of games you can play with a maximum equipment of a pencil, 6 dices and 20 pieces of black and white. Of course there are many more, feels free to add more. Happy playing, happy hitching.

Pencil only



  • Draughts (Board, 12-20 pieces in black and white each)
  • Abalone (Board, 14 pieces in black and white each)
  • Bagh-Chal (Board, 24 pieces - 4 black and 20 white)
  • Breakthrough (Board, 16 pieces in black and white each)
  • Fox Games (Board, 19 pieces - 2 black and 17 white)
  • GIPF (Board, 18 pieces in black and white each)
  • Halma (Board, from 10 pieces black and white each)
  • Lasca (Board, 11 pieces in black and white each)
  • Lines of Action (Board, 12 pieces in black and white each)
  • Nine Mens Morris (Board, 9 pieces in black and white each)
  • Surakarta (Board, 12 pieces in black and white each)

Dice and Pieces