Essex County Airport

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Essex County Airport is a small airport serving private and cooperate aviation in the greater New York area. It is located in the state of New Jersey, some 15 kms from Manhattan. It is the best bet to try hitching aircraft in this area.

To get there from Manhattan take any bus (e.g 191) from Port Authority Bus Terminal near Penn Station to Willowbrook Mall. Walk along the Road 46 to cross a river. Then take a left to follow Passaic Avenue for one kilometer to reach the terminal facilities on your right. Note there is no pedestrian walkway on this route. The second route through residential area might be more convenient but takes much longer.

At the flight school (forgot name) on the left ask for Ritchie Green. He might be up for some fun. In front of the main General Aviation Terminal next to the tower you can friendly ask the pilots and passengers if they can take you. The manager is friendly but cannot allow to ask people in the lounge inside.

Remember that for most pilots it is strictly illegal to take you and they might be arrested upon on ramp spot check by FAA.

Craig and his brother had no luck over their 6 hours time at Essex County and Teteboro airports.