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Eskişehir (number plate code: 26 ) is a city in northwestern section of central plateau in Turkey, about 300-400 km southeast of Istanbul. This is a university-town, as it is home to two of Turkey’s biggest universities and a large non-local student population.

Hitchhiking out

Walk to the direction of Yunusemre Campus of Anadolu University (about 15-20 minutes from city centre). In front of its gate lies a major motorway, pick your side (right for east to Ankara, left for west/north/south to Bursa/Bilecik, Istanbul/Kutahya, eventually Antalya), and start thumbing.

To hitchhike to the Southern part of Turkey (Afyon,... ), take the tramway and go to the station ESOGÜ (Ozmangazı Üniversitesi). Arrived there, when you find yourself in front of the main entrance, turn left and follow the road. Start to thumb to get out of the city and ask for the Afyon direction; you will be able to hitchhike at a roundabout where people doesn't drive fast. Arrived to Afyon, ask for the way out of the city in the direction of your next destination. Afyon is a main cross of all the drivers getting to any part of Turkey around there.


City has a warm and safe train station (tren istasyonu) open 24-hours a day in a very central location. Waiting lounge (bekleme salonu) is in particular good for sleeping. If any official bothers you (an unlikely situation to happen), just tell them that you are waiting for your train.

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