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Service station Clacket Lane Services south
in Surrey at motorway M 25
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highway crossing Clacket Lane Services north

Clacket Lane Services is a Service station on the M25 in England.

Possibly the best place to get lifts on the M25. There is a bridge here to cross from one side to the other, which can be useful to know if, for example, you are trying to hitch from the M4 to Brighton but get a lift with someone who is going to Dover.

To get to Clacket Lane Service Station from London get a train to Bromley (you can use an Oyster card), then bus 246 (timetable).

Ask the driver to tell you when you get to Pilgrims Lane, then walk down Pilgrims Lane and Pilgrims Way to Clacket Lane Services. You can see where you're going on a map, where it says "Clacket Wood" is the service station. There is also a street view of this area on Google Maps.

Clacket Lane is an excellent place to hitch to Brighton (Westbound) or Dover (Eastbound) and also fairly good for most other directions as it's a busy station.

To get from one side to the other walk down the country lane to the back of the station until you get to the bridge and cross to the other side (couple of km)

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