Armenia (Colombia)

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Armenia is a city in Colombia.

Hitching out

If you are stuck for a place to sleep for the night, the bus station has great security and is fairly quiet. Guards will wake you at 9am

South towards Cali

Take bus Ruta 9 towards the airport and ask the driver to leave you at Glorieta, just before the bus turns from the main road to the airport. A ticket costs 1500 pesos.

East towards Ibagué, Bogotá

Take the bus going to the nearby town of Calarcá (05/2019: COP 2,300). It leaves quite regularly from a bus stop right behind the cathedral (04°31′55.66″N 75°40′18.21″W). In Calarcá, ask the driver to be let off at the market ("Plaza de Mercado") and cross the town walking East on the same street. At the end of Calle 39 you will meet the highway junction towards Bogotá. To your left you will spot a Mobil gas station (04°31′45.34″N 75°38′02.13″W) on the other side of the road. This is where you can start hitchhiking and asking people for a ride.

Note, traffic from Cali to Bogotá passes here, so it's likely you'll snag a direct lift to the capital. If headed South, ride until a junction just after the Peaje right before Espinal town.


I've tried hitching from Calarcá to Bogotá twice, a year apart, and never any luck. The first time there was rioting and trucker strikes, so it wasn't such a surprise. The second time should have been a breeze. Looks like it should be an amazing spot, but YMMV."