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"North on the E45 towards Storuman"

There is a quite good spot little bit outside of Östersund with enough space for cars to pull over. It is about 5 km to walk from the center of Östersund after the traffic knot where E14 and E45 meet. Here the coordinates: (63.204446,14.680178) The good thing, this far north the swedish people are more open to pick up hitchhikers.

"West on the E14 towards Åre and Norway"

Take public transport to the village Brunflo, 10 km north of Östersund. {??Brunflo is south-east of Östersund??} There is a gas station in the end of the village, also the cars drive very slow on this road. You can also walk out to Trondheimsvägen (called Rådhusgatan before leaving Östersund). There's a bus stop where students from Åre usually hitchhike from.

Although a bit outside, Krokom is a good place to hitchhike from. There's a roundabout on the E14 and a gas station next to it. Krokom is 20km northwest of Östersund. To get there you could either try hitchhiking (write Krokom on your sign) or take the bus.

"South on the E45 towards Mora"

Option 1: You can walk to Lillänge. After a big roundabout there's McDonal's, a gas station and grocery stores. But the problem is, that this part of the road is not a normal one. It is not a highway, but you are not allowed to walk on it. So what you can do is to walk further to a kind of parking lot. Here the coordinates: (63.171482,14.702870) You cannot walk beside the road, so you have to get there through some nature trails. I is good to have a map or gps not to get lost. Where the nature trail makes a curve you can climb up to the spot. There you can stand in a save distance to the street and the cars see you from a far. "Stefansupertramp got a ride there after 30 min"

Option 2: You take a bus or train to Brunflo and search for a spot after the roundabout where the E14 and E45 split.