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Beigetreten 31. Mai 2014

Top Rules of Tramping:

1. Enjoy the ride, but still push yourself and ask everyone where they are going. The trip is beautiful and exiting, but your end goal is still to get to the other city. That´s a general rule of life.

2. Always stay on the main highways, that link big cities, and you will get forward really really fast. You are fucked if you get stuck in little highways.

3. The best is to wear a collared shirt - don´t look like a pot-hippie and buisness people with prejudice, lonely women will take you too. Dress up!

4. Be honest, don´t have booring chit chat conversations with the people, only if you really have to. You are young, you can be vulgar sometimes. That aso is a general life rule.

5. Be smart about the cars, rather wait 20 min more, and take a super fast car ( especially in Germany it makes a huuge difference!), than a big truck, where you won´t move as quickly. This a rule that applies especially for Germany, since some people drive at 160-180 km/h when the highway is empty.