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'''Hitchwiki''' is a ''collaborative'' project to build a '''free guide for hitchhikers'''.<br />So far we have '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]]''' articles in Bulgarian, written and edited by '''[[Special:Listusers|{{NUMBEROFUSERS}}]]''' [[hitchhiker]]s around the globe. Feel free to share your knowledge with us.Чувствайте се свободни да споделите знанията си с нас!
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==[[Image:Nuvola_apps_bookcase.png|16px]] BasicsОснови==
* '''[[General info]]'''
* '''[[First time]]'''
* '''[[България]]'''
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==[[Image:Nuvola_apps_browser.png|16px]] ЗемяМеста==
* '''[[Африка]]'''
* '''[[Азия]]'''