I’m Too Feral

I’m too feral
for this constant warfare marriage proposal
I’m too wild
can’t be tamed, can’t be soiled
with the toils of working like a slave
Can’t be bothered with the time you say exists
Won’t be harassed to act and be a certain way which you call “safe”
I will resist
to the death
Too lazy for a “real” (fake) job that you call “home”
Home is not where the heart is
Home is not where I am anymore
I am me
I don’t need home
I only need myself
and that is enough
You can’t coral me
into your wild dreams
of lines and rhymes
The cities, the buildings
all repressed sexual energy
all waiting to be released
the fire of the sun
will do our job for us
as we ascend
into the spires
of wild desire
we waited until now to do it
now we are ready
take me
and it will be done

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