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Flag of Andorra Andorra
Language: Catalan
Capital: Andorra la Vella
Population: 71,822
Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
Hitchability: <rating country='ad' />
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<map lat='42.54033' lng='1.57242' zoom='10' view='0' float='right' />

Andorra is a very small country in the Pyrenees, surrounded by France and Spain.

There are few roads and no motorways. To hitchhike onward it is necessary only to go to the end of the town, and passers-by can direct you. Andorrans are used to hitchhikers, as many of the South American workers here hitch to work and back.

Street in Andorra.

The official language is Catalan and the currency used is Euro.

Precaution: do not leave your things (backpack, etc.) unattended while asking for a ride on the border or at petrol stations - small theft is common in this small country where the border is crossed by a number of smugglers.

Andorra La Vella itself is very difficult to hitchhike from, especially the centre, as all the roads seems to have bollards along them to stop drivers parking- a long walk out of town or moving on to Encamp, Canillo, Pas de la Casa or the border is suggested by the locals.

To hitch south towards Spain from Andorra La Vella, you can catch the L1 bus south towards Sant Julià de Lòria, the bus stops near a Total petrol/gas station, from which it is VERY easy to catch a ride south.

While Andorrans themselves are sympathetic to hitchhikers, you are much more likely to be picked up by someone of another nationality.

Sigurdas hitch-hiking on the border Andorra/France.


Hitchhiking out

There is only one main road in Andorra. Depending on which direction you can go to either France (North) or Spain (South). ‎GrooteR found the locals quite helpful for hitchhikers when thumbing, but the cars waited for (long distance towards France) didn't stop.

It's recommended to ask people at the petrol stations. Either north of Andorra La Vella if you go to France or south of Andorra La Vella if you go to Spain. ‎GrooteR and a companion got a ride to Toulouse within 10 minutes in this way.