Santiago de Compostela

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Santiago de Compostela
<map lat="42.871462524086" lng="-8.5371069311524" zoom="12" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Spain
State: A Coruña
Population: 93.000
Licence plate: (CO)
Major roads: AP9, AP53
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Santiago de Compostela is a city in Spain.

Hitching out

Getting out can be difficult as there are only two roads that go out of the city, leading to many different directions.

All directions: La Coruña, Santander, San Sebastian, Portugal

The place indicated in the map, at the western entrance on the highway, is a good one, a roundabout at the entrance of the highway, it works for all directions. To get there just walk out from the city, or ask the driver of the airport bus (it leaves from zona nueva and bus terminal) to drop you off close to here (1 €, some Spanish will be useful to explain what you want).

Food and Drink

There is an oldschool and very cheap place with a great atmosphere and a terrace with a small statue at the beginning of Castron Douro street, if you get there from Virxe de Cerca street. I've greatly enjoyed my time there, not only it is dirt cheap, but it also caters to all your needs and you can get local food and drinks. However, as the owners are old, you can't expect to order there in English.