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Ryazan is a city in Russia, the main city in Ryazan oblast.

Citystop in Ryazan is no better than in other Russian cities.

Hitching in and around

The M5 highway (Moscow-Chelyabinks) runs close to the city centre. Ryazan has a bypass, so, if you do not plan to visit the city, you can go around it without any problems.

Public transport

There are buses and trolleybuses (12 rubles), marshrutkas (15 rubles) and taxis (150 rubles).


You can sleep on the chairs in the train station waiting room, but you may have some problems with police. If police asking you show them documents, show them and talk, that you are a hitchhike traveler. Usually they are really excited and interested by it and you will have no problems.

If you want to put up a tent, you can do it, for example at the CPKO. From the center of city you can reach it with trolleybus 3.