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Flag of Martinique Martinique
Language: French
Capital: Fort-de-France
Population: 402,000 (01/2008)
Currency: Euro (€)
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<map lat='14.63' lng='-61.02' zoom='10' view='2' country='France' height='400'/>

Martinique is an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea and an overseas department of France. To the northwest lies Dominica, to the south Saint Lucia.

Like France, Martinique is an easy island to get a lift and is quite common. You'll probably only be picked up by the French/Europeans that live there, as the other locals expect you to use the buses (but still hitch hike themselves). The island is bigger than it's neighbours and it can take some time going from the north coast to the south.

Ferries to Dominica, Guadeloupe and Saint Lucia are available.

La Marina is the main marina to look for boats to hitch onwards. Some do anchor at Fort-de-France but will only be 5% of those in the marina and you'll need to wait for them to come ashore, go for a swim or attempt to contact them via CB.