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Borsh is a village in Albania.

Hitchhiking out

If you were in the beach, you can walk until the gas station in front of the cemetery, and from there you can go everywhere. North, you can go to Vlorë, and south to Sarandë Hitchhiking will be easy, and there are buses every hour, just in case.

Places to visit

Plazhi (The beach) Katarakti tek spitali (Waterfall) Kalaja (The castle) Get lost in the field (Haliq), go for hiking in the mountain over Vonja, meet all the 90+ people, there is a bar with a waterfall in Ixuar(IZvor) etc.

Other useful info

Once you go in Borsh, go to the beach. Its 6 km, choose the south corner to swim and see a wonderful sunset, and the north to camp safely in the beach. Avoid camping in front of bars etc, because people pay taxes for the beach, so its "their place".

Eat burek and drink dhallë, shop with Lek and not Euro, because a thing that costs 100 Lek(70cents) they will say you 1 euro.