Armenia (Colombia)

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Armenia is a city in Colombia.

Hitching out

If you are stuck for a place to sleep for the night, the bus station has great security and is fairly quiet. Guards will wake you at 9am

South towards Cali

Take bus Ruta 9 towards the airport and ask the driver to leave you at Glorieta, just before the bus turns from the main road to the airport. A ticket costs 1500 pesos.

East towards Ibagué, Bogotá

Take a bus towards Calarca, a pretty old town that is 7km away, and definitely worth taking a stroll around before you head on. Expect to pay 2500$ for this. You can indicate you wish to get off at the junction to the driver, or it is a 10minute downhill walk from the town centre to the road headed out towards Bogota.

There is a police check point, a garage for refuelling trucks and a beautiful long slip lane as little cars struggle to accelerate up the hill out of town, so all the elements are on your side, just to put the magic thumb and trustworthy smile into play.

Note, traffic from Cali to Bogota passes here, so it's likely you'll snag a direct lift to the capital. If headed south, ride until a junction just after the Peaje immediately before Espinal town.


I've tried hitching from Calarcá to Bogotá twice, a year apart, and never any luck. The first time there was rioting and trucker strikes, so it wasn't such a surprise. The second time should have been a breeze. Looks like it should be an amazing spot, but YMMV."