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    Mikael 1:29 am on December 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bugfixing,   

    Fixing bugs in Portugal 

    We’re gathering at Portugal with some dudes for Hackathon. Loads of little bugs fixed during past two days! Yay!

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    Mikael 7:46 pm on May 8, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Android, , , Symbian   

    Are you an Android developer? Want to take and finish already started project to bring Hitchwiki Maps on Android?

    See also already published Symbian version: — and source for it:

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    Mikael 4:33 pm on May 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    We’re going to have small Hitchwiki hackathon at Guaka’s place in Brussels this weekend. On our todo list:

    • Mobile version of wiki and maps
    • Bugfixing (those login issues finally…)
    • Lots of small stuff already earlier this week. Starting today!

    Join us if you wish!

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    Mikael 10:46 pm on November 10, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: rating, wiki   

    Today I improved little bit of Philipp’s rating functionality for countries on wiki pages, such as Spain. In future I want to show this nice little widget over Maps when you click on country bubble.

    After we’ve gathered good set of data, we can start making pretty cool looking statistics about world’s hithability, such as this map.

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    Mikael 10:42 pm on September 24, 2012 Permalink | Reply

    First days at BXL hackathon 

    It’s 3 of us here now and we’re just doing little bit of this and that.

    Our plan is to work mostly on Hitchwiki and

    On Hitchwiki we’ve got such things on our todo list.

    So far we’ve nailed:

    • New header is visible on some parts of the site. Notice new search input with wiki selections! Also frontpage got tweaked up.
    • We’re doing a — a place to do all the tweaking and hacking in future.
    • A script that shows any missing interwiki-links between pages with the same name.
    • MediaWiki antispam extension – It disallows posting links for new users. You need 10 edits to be allowed to post links now.
    • All the hitchwiki is now analyzed and sorted out by Piwik.
    • Visited StartupChile in Leuven.
    • Fixed rest of the login issues to Hitchwiki.
    • Fixed loads of little WP bugs and stuff.

    Happy hacking everyone!

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    Mikael 10:50 pm on September 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply

    BXL hackathon has now started – and you can participate as well!

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    Mikael 11:05 am on September 4, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Flattr   


    You can now add Flattr buttons to your blog by enabling plugin.

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    Mikael 10:19 am on August 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply

    New theme 

    Added new theme to choose from; Twenty twelve by WordPress Team.

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    Mikael 8:21 am on August 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Community URLs changed 

    Hitchwiki Community has moved! But not far away.

    Old address was and new one is, tadaa:

    From now on you can access whole of Hitchwiki community from the very frontpage. Blogs also moved to new addresses. If your blog address before was — it’s now just

    This is a step towards more unified Hitchwiki site, where you don’t wouldn’t get lost between community, wiki and maps.

    Some quickfacts:

    • Old URLs still work and are redirected to new ones with message to search engines “moved permanently”.
    • In future it will be possible to attach domains to blogs.
    • No changes in Wiki and Maps URLs.
    • No actions needed from your side, just keep blogging.
    • Login on frontpage logs you into community, but not into Wiki’s. If you login first to Wiki, you’ll also login into community. Yeah, complicated… we’ll work on this later on.
    • Fixed author-links to point to your community profile page.
    • Hitchwiki logo on Wikipages updated!

    If any problems, let me know!

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    Mikael 11:34 am on August 20, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Hospex, ,   

    Using geolocation data around Hitchwiki 

    Julian sent a message about making a hospex index under Hitchwiki Community:

    On 20.8.2012, at 13.55, sitarane**** wrote:

    I just checked that there is a “location” field on the hw buddypress profiles. Now, this is something that could be leveraged to turn hw buddypress into an workable hospex platform.

    Now, the field seems to be a text field. For this to work, we need it to be a geo field, and to have a page to display profiles in one given location, or nearby. That’s stuff I can do on drupal, but it can’t be too hard on wordpress.

    Also “location” is a bit ambiguous for hhers. “Home” would be more like it.

    Now, this is very good idea. There’s already a text field “location” under community profiles. It wouldn’t be big trick to make hospex search tool already with this data.

    I’ve got more plans concerning buddypress. My grande todo/wish list right now with Hitchwiki is something like this:

    1. Updating Mediawiki to new version and installing new Hitchwiki template. It will make all the pages in to look more the same. Kasper+Philipp needs to do this, cuz it’s full of old hacks I’m not familiar with.
    2. Moving /community/ (WP+buddypress installation) to the root of the server, allowing us to use multiple domains with the same WP install and bringing WP codebase to other projects under Hitchwiki.
    3. Wrap Maps into a WP page, bringing in loads of cool possibilities to integrate all these sites more tightly each other. For example in Buddypress somebody adds geolocation data and it could be shown on maps. Also all the activities on Maps could be shown on activity feed.

    So after these steps we could have all the hitchhikers shown on the map (with opt out/in). Al of course search people by location and links to bewelcome/couchsurfing profiles.

    Also I’ve already done some tests with bringing users current locations to the maps. Especially nice when I get hitchwiki maps for mobile done, since the data will be from the road and really accurate.

    Bring in more geolocation ideas! And if you know how to program with PHP, you’re most welcome to help.

    PS. How about a hitchwiki meetup during the winter somewhere where it’s warm? I kinda fancy going back to Granada (Spain) this winter for a month or two. Or France or Italy or somewhere. If you want to rent a room for meh, send me a message.

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      Mikael 10:21 am on August 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      I updated “location” field at profiles into a “city” field. I’ll add country dropdown a bit later.

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