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December 1, 2010 in Community

Dear community,

thanks for testing the website the recent days and being busy asking lots of questions concerning functions and wishes. Enclosed you will find some thoughts on the community as such.

You create the communityHitching the Pamir highway, Tajikistan
As you might recognize is the community website changing a little bit each day, may it be the layout, new features or some settings in the background. As the community is, like hitchwiki, open to editing and changing for everybody, we invite all users to join the process of creating this community. If you are a technical expert or not, it doesn’t matter. Ideas on what we could implement to make it an useful tool for hitch-hikers are always welcome, as well as suggestions and criticism. Join the Community Ideas Group!

Registration is currently only possible via hitchwiki. After creating an account on the wiki, it should take a few seconds for you to log-in in the community as well. If you already got a hitchwiki account, just log in with the existing one.

New features
We have been busy implementing some new features. First, it is now possible to add your favourite hitch-hiking photos to your personal album, to keep them for yourself (private), share them with your friends only or with the whole community!

Next to this, we started to create some more profile fields. You can edit your personal profile via “My Account -> Profile”. Check the “Personal” tab for some more info to share. Until now you can for example add a destination where you want to head next. Let’s say Russia. Now, by that time some other hitch-hikers might want to go there as well. She can use the search function to search for people heading for Russia, or people who are actually living there. Well, it might be a big country, so fortunately you are free to also add cities of course. So if she sees that fellow hitch-hikers are heading for or might be around in Russia, she could write you a message and maybe you’ll have the opportunity to find a travel partner, host, guest, get latest information or whatever! We’re trying to find some more ways to improve this system, but by now we ask you to just fill out whatever you want to.

More to come soon, stay tuned and keep on hitch-hiking!

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  1. It would be nice to show the date instead of the time “17:13″ :)

  2. You can now also log in with lowercase user names. This MediaWiki related issue must have been confusing a lot of people!

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